A tale of Romance

It was a classic case of  love at first sight !The symptoms were all there- the first flush of romance, the  unspoken eagerness to meet and the eternal longing to be one with the other.We were inseparable from the beginning  . And like all romances chinks appeared as  mundane life took over. A decade later, we unceremoniously parted ways ( “we shall keep in touch”, we promised ).

 Keep in touch ,we did. Halfhearted attempts here and there over the next decade and half. Each meeting bringing back the old yearning…. Move on, the wise counsel urged. ” You have a life to live and goals to achieve. Let not an old romance stand in its way” they added. And  move on- I did. Life was lived and goals achieved, just that there was an empty space in my heart and a dull ache that refused to go away. An ache that deepened as  the chances of reconciliation dimmed by the day.

It was then that Fate took matters in her hands , in her own unique, inimitable style. Before I could blink my eyes, my life changed overnight. The carpet was pulled under my feet. I was adrift, scared of the unknown and afraid  of the future. One day as I stared into an unsure future with a barely there confidence, I felt the ever familiar presence by my side. A look , that was all it took to forget and forgive the past. We embraced tentatively at first, shy and eager to please. Then the familiarity of it all took over. It was as if we never parted ways. Gazing into the other’s eye we promised – “never again”. Its been six years since then and we still walk hand in hand. And hopefully together into the sunset

They say,true love never dies……

[  From the age of three when I fell hook, line and sinker for dance to the present, this is an attempt to explore the various aspects of my relationship with the art form over almost three decades.The breakup is the 13 year hiatus in between owing to various “commitments” (namely mugging up for exams and gathering degrees). I now manage to find time for dance by scheduling all other activities around it]


About ingkn

trader, dancer,traveler, road junkie and fancies self as a writer
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