Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan………….

Have been sweating it out in a sultry Mumbai for the last two months. Here’s my take on it.

i) Commuting to your job is fun if you live within 10 min from your office. I get up at 9 am every morning and still manage to report by 10 am, still feeling fresh and unruffled. In the evening you can also stroll back at your own pace without bothering about the train/bus.Else job sucks.

ii) Travelling in a local train is advisable only if you are going against the flow of crowd or if you are venturing out during non-peak hours. i.e. take a train towards Borivili in the morning or towards churchgate in the evening. Or travel anywhere between 11-4 and 9pm-6am. Else you will find yourself sandwiched amongst a mass of humanity who will crowd the entrance at Santa Cruz just to get down at say Dadar which is a good 5 stops away.

iii)FM radio is a solace. NOKIA 2300 is a gift from GOD. Plugin the ear phone and enjoy the non stop entertainment till you reach your destination.

iv)Auto Drivers are very polite and hand you back the change. Very Refreshing after haggling with the auto drivers in Trivandrum for years.

v) Neighbours actually allow you to live in peace!!! I have been staying all alone in my uncle’s spare flat just above theirs and in the last two months I have met only one neighbour and that too through my aunt. I dont even know who stays in the flat opposite mine, let alone the people in the building/ society. Anywhere else,”neighbours” would ply you with unwanted questions and would even have your bio-data with them in a week .They will also wonder why you prefer to stay alone and make up their own theories and propogate it with a velocity equal to that of light.

vi)You can stay out as late as 11 or 12 at night and still find that there is a sufficient amount of crowd in the streets and train for your comfort.

vii) People are always busy and seem to be headed towards some unknown destination. If you have a few precious minutes to spare you can actually stand at the railway overbridge and observe the ocean of humanity flowing back and forth. Bubbly college kids, the stern looking office goers, tired looking old people………. everyone walks as fast as they can as if they are the contestants of a walk- a- thon.

viii) Ticket prices are obscene as far as cinema theatres are concerned. My heart bleeds when it has to shell out a hard earned Rs.100 + for a ticket. Maybe ‘cos it never had to shell out more than forty bucks for a ticket.

ix) All foot path stores have the same wares. Hence you need to check out only one store in Fashion Street or Link Road of a particular commodity to guess what is there in the other stores. Sadly the same rule works for Westside and Shopper’s Stop too.

x)The wayside book stalls near VT is awesome and curse the Mumbai corporation for evicting them.

More about my Mumbai adventures later……………


About ingkn

trader, dancer,traveler, road junkie and fancies self as a writer
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One Response to Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan………….

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, indu- i admire you for finding time amidst all the ‘management-chaos’ at XLRI to vent out and share too..Good writing doesnt come easy to all.. so cultivate it.. gud luck!And honestly, i feel like doing a blog too..ranichechi

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